#002 – “Magic” Fuerteventura

In April I had a week of from work and I decided to take a trip to the lovely island of Fuerteventura. This vacation was planned to be all about relaxation and sports.

I knew Fuerteventura from earlier trips, this island has its own kind of magic. In the mornings the beach is full of dedicated joggers and people doing yoga while the sun is rising. During the day the beach is filled with tourist tanning in the sun, a few lucky ones grabbed a calm spot behind stacked stones. In the afternoon joggers can again be seen running down the endless beach into the sunset.

This year I decided to go to an all inclusive hotel, where I wouldn’t have to take care of anything. All the food I wanted, at any time of the day. Means: I booked a trip to Fuerteventura which coats a fortune. The Hotel caught my eye by offering fitness courses all day everyday and a direct access to the beach. This “direct access” – seriously – is nothing for people with a hip replacement or people having trouble with their knees or anything concerning the lower body parts. For people who have perfectly fine legs and feet these

stairs are a challenge. Every step has a different high and length, when you’re as “tall” as I am 163cm (5 feet 4 inches) this stairway is a full lower body workout.

On the first day when I entered my room the scenery from my balcony took my breath away. It was almost sunset and the ocean was lying right in front of me. The only sound I heard was the waves breaking on the endless beach. As for my room, lets just say it was ok – but not really for the amount of money I paid. Compared to the Hotels I have been to before (same Hotel company, same accommodation: double room) I paid about the same price but everything was perfectly clean and the interior wasn’t falling apart. I don’t really spend much time in my room, so it wasn’t a big deal but I would not recommend this Hotel to anyone, who likes it fresh and clean.

Another BIG minus was the food. I booked this trip so that I would not have to worry about anything. Plan did not work. The big main restaurant offered a lot of food, the only thing that bugged me was that it mostly was junk food. On the website they offered a “Green Fit Corner”. This so called Corner consisted of three casserole dishes with changing vegetables and rice. Also very important to know: If your stomach is upset really fast, you better not eat the fresh vegetables. The restaurant cleans the vegetables with tap water, wich you should not drink, if you don’t want to end up having diarrhea.

So what should you  do when going to Fuerteventura. There is so much. Scuba diving, snorkeling, mountain biking, taking walks on the beach, visit the local zoo and so much more.

My trip mostly consisted of long walks on the beach, taking sunbathes and working out. I would get up in the morning and hit the gym at 9am for an hour of spinning. After that I would do one more hour of ab, legs, back or shoulder workout. By then it was time to take a quick  shower and get some lunch. My afternoons mostly ended on the beach. Fuerteventuras beaches have so many different faces, around every corner you’ll find something new and fascinating like, little chipmunks scrambling around on the back sand. And while walking down this beautiful endless beach sometimes I would completely forget about time. Wich brought me into an unpleasant situation. Something you should never forget is the time of the low and the high tide, when the high tide reaches its peak, sometimes it impossible to walk the same way back. Consequence: I walked up the cliff to Jandia the closest city and down again to the beach where I could walk again. But this does not actually have to be an unpleasant situation. You will always see something beautiful or fascinating when walking a new path. Sometimes forgetting about time can offer you a small adventures through a lovely little city.

There is not much more I can tell about this fascinating island in the Atlantic Ocean. This island which is named after the wind offers so many great adventures. I will definitely come to this island again – not the same hotel thats for sure – but Fuerteventura is worth another visit.

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